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Sansamp BDDI / Tech 21 VT Bass DI

If it alters your sound....

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Post by Stan_da_man »

TPJ wrote: Wed Apr 17, 2019 7:35 am
Stan_da_man wrote:Update to this -

Tried both of these DI boxes in the shop and preferred the VTDI. I still prefer my Blueberry for drive settings though. Was thinking of also trying out the MXR M81 DI and putting it straight after my Blueberry.

This also leaves me in a pickle for recording next month. I've always done 50/50 DI and Mic blend but I'm not starting to lean toward just micing the cab. Won't make much difference if I have bought an additional DI box by then.
Maybe try mic (one or two different ones on the cab at the same time, and mic the room too), DI from the pedals and a dry signal. Then you can mix and use all or none.

From what I understand, the M81 is very clean, almost like a channel strip but it may fatten up the BBOD nicely. :)
I never followed this up!

For recording, my signal went: Jazz bass (DR Fat Beams) > Caline Orange Burst > Fender Bassman 300 > Ampeg 4x10

Mic on the cab, DI out the head, both signals blended 50/50. Orange Burst gain was at around 10 o clock (point of break-up).

Very pleased with the results. I did end up getting a TC Spark Booster to go alongside my TC Polytune a month later and I think the Spark Booster is even better than the Orange Burst for valve type break-up sounds.

Here is the final product: https://secondsout.bandcamp.com/album/telluric
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