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RIM Custom Basses in Progress!

Moderator: Spike

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Post by Melt »

Beyond wrote:All looking very classy and neatly shaped.

If I stare at that spalted alder for more than 10 seconds I start feeling funny - very hypnotic.

Do you prefer working with 'blond' woods or is it just what the customer wants?
In my case I chose the woods. I think Robbie's happy to use whatever the customer wants from what I've seen.
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Post by Sanemancured »

Some stunning work there Robbie and congratulations on the wee fella.

I'd rather have a life of 'OH WELLS' than a life of 'WHAT IFS.
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RIM Basses
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Post by RIM Basses »

Hi All,

Its been a while since my last post, been busy on the basses and jakey takes up most of our time, hes 17 months old now and we are having a blast with him! So mike now has his 6 String Marseer Fretless, it came out real nice to play. Also currently working on a 5 string custom and just taken a commission for my first 8 string bass, more on that very soon. For now enjoy the pics of mikes bass!


Also working on chris's custom 5 jazz,





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Post by Beyond »

Superb work as normal - good to hear from you Robbie
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Post by Steve »

Yeah, lovely stuff:)
Yes, I can hear you Clem Fandango.
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Post by redroque »

Agreed! On both counts!
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