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The Social Dilemma

Moans, groans and the occasional accolade.

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The Social Dilemma

Post by Antonius »

This is a documentary, about people who used to work for one or more of the big social media companies, then left these jobs mostly for ethical reasons. Not intending to imply that all social media is bad, just that the way these companies work have started to develop unintended side effects that appear to have serious implications for how we perceive the world and more specifically other people with different opinions. Fascinating stuff. My teenager daughter was watching video's on her phone while we were watching this. She put away her phone and started watching it too - that surprised me, in a positive way.

The Social Dilemma, on Netflix. Not sure if it can also be found anywhere else. Highly recommended.
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Re: The Social Dilemma

Post by TPJ »

I've been meaning to watch this. I just packed it in on facebook due to Brexit/Covid/US election/ world news. Even though I thought I knew some of my "friends", their viewpoints were, at times, very disturbing to me. These troubled times are bringing out the shitty side in some people. It was probably always there and maybe I'm over-reacting but I sure feel better not looking at it anymore :).
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Re: The Social Dilemma

Post by redroque »

I have tended to move away from friends whose views sometimes are downright offensive! Actual old school friends havent been a problem, just some fb friends - maybe from the past or a shared interest. I dont mind binning them!
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Re: The Social Dilemma

Post by oldslapper »

I’ll check it out, thanks for the heads up.

I deleted all SM after Brexit vote, as all the hatred and intolerance poured out from people I thought new better.
Covid appears to have done the same, where Karen on Facebook is self appointed expert on virology and the sheep quote her.

SM companies do nothing to counter the hatred, but I guess every retweet and “share” and “like” is income and more information to sell?
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